We are a locally owned residential roofing and home remodeling company. We have proudly served Wichita and its surrounding communities for over fifteen years by providing quality roofing and home remodeling services. We take great pride in our work and customer satisfaction.

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Our very talented staff, and owner Robi Redmon, has over fifteen years of roofing and home remodeling experience. We have serviced hundreds of homes throughout the state of Kansas. With our experience and passion to improve our communities, we promise to deliver quality work that will meet all of your home improvement needs.

Damaged roofs impact your home and safety. If left untreated, leaky roofs can lead to mold growth, ceiling and insulation damage.
Painting the exterior of your home not only improves the “curb appeal” it also protects your siding and trim from sun and rain damage.
Unfortunately, that amazing new home feeling you get the moment you take those first few steps into your recently purchased home quickly fades over time.

My wife and I have had the pleasure of utilizing services provided by Kansas Homesource on numerous occasions. It started with painting our entire home…twice! Pleased with the speed and quality of their work, we asked Kansas Homesource to remodel two bathrooms, raise our sinking deck, replace damaged siding replace a 7’ x 4’ large bedroom window and the list goes on. Robi Redmon and his team of qualified workers are a pleasure to work with and bring a level of craftsmanship I have not experienced with other home remodeling businesses.

Anthony J. McSwain